Hi there! I'm Dana


Trainings :

OHC, Berkeley CA
8-month apprenticeship 2016

Clinical Internship, Berkeley CA

Pulse and Tongue Diagnostics
William Morris
6-month program 2017

Welcome! I am a community clinical herbalist based in Southern Oregon, with a focus on bio-regional plants of the Pacific Northwest. My practice is founded on offering support through herbal medicine where healing can express itself in all facets. I focus on preventative care, root causes of symptoms, nutrition and self care as a way to reach optimal balanced health. Each tailored formula that I give out is created to each person’s specific needs and constitution.

As a trained clinical herbalist, I look at more than just symptoms. I focus on communication to clearly define what is happening in the body, I use curiosity to dig deeper into the body mechanisms and my education in pulse and tongue diagnostics are another way to leverage information.

The end goal in my practice is to have people walk away eager to explore plants and intertwine them into their daily living. It is time to put the power back in our hands. And with this, become more aware of the subtle signals our body give us throughout the day. This passion is not only the plants, but also to reconnect people back to earth and their bodies. We are not seperate. We live in harmony with the plants around us. I believe in these plants, and I want to share them with you. 

When I'm am not busy in practice, I enjoy exploring new places, swimming in natures waters, camping underneath the stars, drinking tea like its going out of style, getting dirty, and snuggling with the one an only pup, Captain Jack. I also work within the community offering educational herb walks, offering pop-up herbal first aid clinics, implementing harm reduction wound care clinics, teaching, and cultivating my product line, Wild Kin Botanicals.