Want to work side by side?


Below are a list of classes that I offer. If you would like to host a workshop on one of these topics, please reach out via the contact form. I would be more than happy to collaborate!


Compassionate Harm Reduction: Herbal Allies for Addiction

In our society, we are having an opiate epidemic that is soaring at an all time high. As overdoses become the norm, many of us feel powerless in these types of situations. Whether you are a friend, family member, practitioner or a person using, this class can help offer avenues of empowerment around these issues. We will look at how to address substance abuse through compassionate eyes, how to help understand addiction, the physiological reaction one has when using, and herbs that can support. This will be a space where we can be held to explore and work to shift our perspective into a compassionate one. To question the ideas and judgments that society has ingrained in us over decades about folks living side-by-side with addiction. We will discuss herbal tools for: recovery, harm reduction, sobriety and community. Lastly, we will explore overdose response and the use of Narcan.

Create Space: Learning Our Edges with Boundary Plants

Living in a world with constant overstimulation, demands and opportunities, our physical and spiritual self can become fatigued overtime. How can we build in our awareness of self and where we are giving our energy? Setting boundaries is not about cutting off or detachment, it is about learning our edges, our self respect and power. It is about opening up while protecting the perimeter. This is where we begin to feel more content, fulfilled, and vitalized. This will help us so we can relish in life to the highest degree in our full power.

Plants are powerful teachers when it comes to applying boundaries. We see plants stake their ground and claim it as their own. Some will invite other plants to live together harmoniously, and other will not be welcome. Plants teach us boundaries through poisons, thorns, stings, smell and root structures. We call on these plants when we are in need of a little extra support. Each plant offers a unique story, medicine and armor. In this class we will discuss 6 plants and their medicinal properties, energetics, and stories. We will taste, sit, and commune with these plants as a way to deepen our relationship and connection.

Cool, Calm and Collected: Nourishing the Nervous System

The nervous system is an electrical system that works within our body. Chronic stress, anxiety, exhaustion, and depression are some of the ways that the nervous system becomes taxed. With the demands of family life, school, career and personal time, we must take the time to support ourselves so we are able to meet the world and show up as our best. How can we best combat these stressors? Plants! In this class we will break down the different parts of the nervous system, common pathologies and triggers of the nervous system, medicinal plants and self care practices.

Weeds. They are so common, and yet so overlooked. No matter how much we are surrounded by tall buildings, concrete, or traffic, we are surrounded by nature. Nature shows itself no matter where you find yourself. Weeds show us resilience. The way they pop up in the cracks of the sidewalk or flourish in an abandon lot. THIS is their medicine. THIS is our mirror. Learn about medicinal properties of common weeds, connect through plant sittings, and join the discussion of how we can mirror there resilience as a community through our political state.

Weeds: Resilience, Medicine, and Mirrors