Praise and Kindness

Dana is beautiful, inside and out. Her heart shines through in everything she does. She meets all of my questions with genuine curiosity and if she doesn’t have the answer, she always seeks it out from her other resources. I really appreciate this aspect of how she approaches her work because not only do I get the assistance of her as a practitioner, but I also feel supported by the greater network of experts and literature she is connected with. - J.B, Portland, OR
This woman has helped my health journey flow through effortlessly. The way she holds our conversations, the way she listens and her empathy puts her at the top of the list for me. I have been working with sleep issues and anxiety, along with whatever pops up along the way and I have been supported immensely with great results! Thank you Dana, I am so happy that we have been able to work together for so many years! - L.K, Oakland, CA
She has taken her passion and pursued further knowledge in order to connect individuals with natural healing. I’ve had the beautiful opportunity to experience Dana’s clinical herbal work, and I can say she is truly talented. Her ability to connect with the person in front of her on a emotional and professional level is incredible to witness. Dana’s knowledge of the plants to work with clients and create products has been so beneficial for many. Thank you for gracing us with your gift. - C.S, Portland, OR
Dana is patient, compassionate, and knowledgeable - all the things that make for a wonderful herbalist. - A.B, Martinez, CA
I recommend Dana for anyone interested in alternative medicine. Her empathetic qualities make it a safe and nurturing experience in finding herbs. I’ve also deeply appreciated her authenticity for when she doesn’t have a direct answer, regardless she always finds one. All of her herbal recommendations have worked for me. I highly recommend her pain salve for muscular tension. I’ve been using it regularly and have noticed an extreme difference. - J.L, San Ramon CA
Dana’s wonderful classes have been a key introduction into the herbalism world for me. My friends and I make sure to stay informed about her upcoming workshops because of her gentle, welcoming manner; her willingness to share information while continuing to learn and grow herself; her respectful, practical tips for foraging and ingredient sourcing; and her endless tidbits of knowledge about herbs and their uses. Thank you, Dana! - A.S, Berkeley, CA