An herbal consultation opens up an opportunity to come together in a supportive space and to be able to have an in-depth conversation about your health concerns. I invite you to listen to those parts of your health that may be slipping through the cracks. Herbalism is not only just about the herbs, but also about a well rounded and balanced lifestyle. It is a practice, a goal, a way of being. I am here to help shift the lens in which we look at our health and our modern healthcare system. If we are working with chronic issues that have been acquired over years, it will take patience and work to bring the body back into balance. A follow up visit 2-4 weeks after our initial session is strongly recommended.


Initial Session
(first time visit)

2 hours
*herbal formula(s) not included

This consultation involves an in-depth intake of symptoms and overall wellness, eating patterns, lifestyle, tongue and pulse readings, and general assistance and conversation for your healing path. We will look at your constitution and energetics, while also focusing on how your symptoms are affecting your day to day life. At the end of each session, there will be a personalized formula(s) of your choosing.

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Follow ups
(2-4 weeks after initial session)

per hour
*herbal formula(s) not included

After our initial session, this will be a time where we review the progress of the condition and shift the herbal formula if needed. Any questions, concerns, or health shifts that have arose in the in-between time can be answered and discussed.


Acute Symptom Care

30 minutes
*herbal formula(s) not included

In this session, we look directly at acute symptoms that have shown up in a short time frame. This can look like a sore throat, a cough, a sprained ankle, acid reflux, a skin rash etc. This is not the session for a chronic issue discussion. In Acute Symptom Care, we discuss symptoms and needs around that symptom.


Tongue and Pulse Diagnostics

20 minutes
*herbal formula(s) not included

If you are looking for herbs and do not have a pressing problem, this is the consult for you. In this session I will look at the tongue and take the pulse as a tool to read into the body. With that information, I will make a custom formula. This is a tradition of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The specific way I am using these diagnostics tools come from and are rooted in the Ding lineage from China.


Want to see if we are the right fit before committing?
Schedule a free 15 minute introduction


This consultation can consist of a Skype/FaceTime meeting, phone call or in-person sit down to get to know each other. We can use this time to clarify any questions or concerns.


Cancellation Policy:  I require 24 hour notice if you wish to re-schedule or cancel your appointment. Clients who fail to give this notice are subject to a $35 cancellation fee. Thank you for your understanding.

Video/Phone: If you are unable to make it to my office, I am more than happy to offer call ins through phone or online video

** I offer sliding scale prices for POC, LGBTQIA, and low income folks. Please reach out and we can discuss details and rates. **